Erin Brokavitch Movie Essay

Topics: Erin Brockovich, Law, Paralegal Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: May 22, 2013
Antonio BufoJune 09, 2011
Erin Brockovitch is a film that demonstrates the concepts and theories of organization and behavior. Erin is a mother of three children that has been divorced two times and having a tough challenge raising her children without a job. The car accident is the turning point to Erin life while she tries to take legal action on a lawyer; however her unprofessional comments at court caused her to lose the case. Ed Masry is her lawyer that caused Erin to lose the case for the accident. Erin saw this as an opportunity to put the blame on the lawyer for losing a case that should have been an easy win. Erin took the opportunity to seek employment at Mr. Masry lawyer firm for the loss of the case. Throughout the film, Erin employment at Mr. Masry law firm gave her success in paying her bills, and taking care of her children. However, the meeting of her neighbor George gave her support since he took care of her kids during the day. Perception and trust were two factors that Mr. Masry took into account for Erin. At first, Erin was perceived as a beautiful, uneducated and not very intelligent. As the film progressed, Mr. Masry gave many chances, spent a lot of time, and focused on giving Erin a chance since his perception and trust of her was positively different from beginning of film to the end. From further research, as stated, screening is costly. As a second option, the employer may therefore respond to his increased feelings of uncertainty by identifying himself more strongly with his ingroup (Vendrik and Schwieren 2010). For example, Mr. Masry has been screening Erin entire movie from beginning to end finding cues to perceive her. Both trust and perception of Erin became positive and Furthermore, her career at Mr.Masry law firm was beneficial to both her and Mr.Masry in terms of profits, family life, and lifestyle. Main Character Analysis

Erin Brockovitch
A beautiful, street smart, and is a single mother of three...
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