Erin Brockovich

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Organizational Behavior

Erin Brockovich
This movie, Erin Brockovich, which was based on a true story, was about a two-timed divorced mother of three children who bullied her way into a job at a law firm. While working at the law firm Erin notices an injustice within what at first looked like a normal real estate file, but after investigating into it more, she discovers there's more to it. She struggles for over a year to bring justice to over 600 plaintiffs who were wronged by a major company, PG&E, that knowingly contaminated their water with the ever harming hexavalent chromium. Erin and her boss work tirelessly to uncover a monumental cover-up and eventually brought justice to everyone who was harmed.

After watching this movie, I noticed many concepts that I could relate back to Organizational Behavior, but I picked the three most prominent ones. First, job satisfaction is noticeably seen throughout the movie. Job satisfaction is defined as a positive feeling employees get from their job, which in return increases productivity. Erin is constantly challenged at her job as she pursues to help these sick women, children, and men. Every time a new challenge arises it spurs Erin to work even harder to overcome it because of what is at stake.

Erin's concern and drive she feels for the many, many plaintiffs displays a prominent service satisfaction. A lot of companies strive to be service oriented these days, and encourage their employees to go the extra mile for their customers. However, Erin goes the extra hundred miles by going door to door for her case and reaching out to her clients, getting to know them personally as well as their ailments. By doing this, the families begin to trust her and put their faith in Erin to win this case and while at times it seemed like it wouldn't turn out okay, Erin pulled through for them in the end.

Erin Brockovich displays a deep-level ability, meaning her capacity to perform the various tasks needed to perform...
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