Erikson, Levinson Human Development Theory

Topics: Developmental psychology, Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Erik Erikson Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: May 16, 2011
briefly describe developmental theory from Chapter 2. Theories presented in Chapter 2 include Erikson, Levinson, cognitive developmental theorists, Kohlberg, behavioral theorists, Bronfenbrenner, Holland, the eclectic theory, and the composite theory. Describe why the chosen theory appeals to you, and relate it to a developmental life stage or phase. Examples of life stages or phases may include marriage, parenthood, career, a return to school, empty nest, grand parenting, etc. Keep in mind you will expand on this theoretical application in your reflective paper ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Erikon’s theory of psychosocial development discusses the nine different stages in human development. Each stage is equally important in the developing person. This theory looks at the different social situations people go through and how they affect development from birth through death. “His stages dictate that we must gain certain insights at predetermined times, and those insights build on one another.” (Witt, Mossler, 2010)

After reading each theory, I am in total agreement with Erickson on his beliefs in the Stages of Human Development and the epigenetic principal. I concur that during each stage we do face a psychosocial crisis or opportunity in relation to conflicting tendencies that each stage is like a turning point which offers growth potential as well as dangers of failing. Stage 1 TRUST vs MISTRUST

In regards to my grandson, I vividly remember holding him when he was just a few hours old, and thinking of just how trusting babies are of us. Newborns, infants and children trust us to keep them from harm, not to drop them, to hold them when they need comfort, to feed them when they are hungry, to bath them, etc. STAGE 2: Ages 1 to 3

I have watched my grandson grow and develop self-confidence as he wanders about his home environment. He has grown from a baby, to crawling, to a...
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