Erikson's Eight Stages

Topics: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development, Developmental psychology, Erik Erikson Pages: 1 (465 words) Published: June 14, 2011
Erik Erikson's psychosocial theory of social development views the development of the human personality continued over several developmental stages. Erikson seemed to focused on the different stresses different paths that our lifecycles through to the present day for an individual. In familial situations the behavior of the individual seems to serves some purpose in a family structure. Human relationships throughout various stages of development, therefore, draw people together as well as drive them apart, determine how conflicts are managed, and how communication bonds are established. The movie that I could say would describe these stages step by step would be the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest's character is portrayed as innocence like that of a child. The beginning of the film the most influential being in his life was his mother. He was born crippled and was picked on throughout school because of it. He didn’t get push down because of it motivated him to be a better and treat everyone with love and respect. Although Forest Gump wasn't the smartest man, he was still a great leader as well as a great follower. As he develops into different life stages you can see Erikson’s stages come out in order. From his mother whom he trusted and never treated him as a special needs child as we could see he was she treated him as a normal boy and always told him he was. To the second stage when he shows feelings toward a little girl whom he cared for and showed compassion for throughout the movie. The third stage he began school and he was being bullied so he decided to run and he ran out of his leg braces. The fourth stage his school life as it continues on and his sweetheart moving away. The fifth stage Forest joined the military, he was told what to do. This can be attributed to the life lessons that he was taught by his mother to listen to people. These lessons set the basis of his success in both his leadership in the military and his life. The sixth stage he left the...
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