Erik Peterson a&B

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Problem statement

The case Erik Person at Biometra A&B is a great example of what kind of problems can appear in the particular organization when there is a misfit between General Manager’s job requirements and personal skills.

As we know from the case Erik Peterson was a fresh business school’s graduate and was originally offered the position of a Product Manager in charge of sales and marketing of Biometra’s catheters. Shortly afterwards because of significant changes in the company he was offered the position of General Manager with overall authority for Biometra’s operations. He probably received this fast promotion because of the positive interviewing experience with Richard Jenkins, the charismatic president of SciMat medical device group. Here the first issue arises:

* Erik Peterson is promoted to the position of General Manager without any significant executive experience, shortly after graduating and without any coaching but only promises of support from Richard Jenkins, in other words there was huge gap between Biometra’s General Managers’s job requirements and personal skills of Erik Peterson. Because of the lack of managerial experience Peterson doesn’t see the “big picture” addressing all current problems with successful catheter’s launch to the problems with commercial manufacturing operations, to the interpersonal problems between the team members – like between Andrews and Jones, sales and marketing issues etc.

Other following issues appear because of the first main problem stated above:

* Erik Peterson was unable to build and lead a team. We cannot find any proof of teambuilding in the case. He didn’t unite his team to achieve a very ambitious goal of launching the catheters’ project in the stated period. He didn’t try to inspire them, to motivate them for the higher goals; he just tried to...
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