Erich Fromm's Concept of Love

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This chapter focused on introducing the research topic, providing a short review of literature and stating the significance of the study. Moreover, it presented the theoretical framework the author used for the benefit of immediately knowing how to approach this study. The researcher also stated the problems that are tackled in this research. Lastly, the thesis statements or the researcher’s tentative answer to the problem statements were also presented in this chapter.

Background of the Study

This pure philosophical study is an exposition of Erich Fromm’s concept of love. The researcher analyzed the text The Art of Loving which explains the philosopher’s conception of love. He cited five various objects of love in his work namely, brotherly love, motherly love, erotic love, self-love and love of God. Given these objects of love, the researcher analyzed the author’s key concept. Furthermore, the researcher drew similarities as well as differences from these various objects of love with the intent of coming up with more objective idea about the said concept. The researcher chose this research topic to manifest her interest on the philosophical study of love, which spurred from the realization that love has been an ever-present manifestation in humanity. Furthermore, the researcher is interested to Fromm as a renowned psychoanalyst and a humanist philosopher. Of all known psychoanalyst of the contemporary period, he came closest in challenging the basic notion of love based on the Ancient Greeks. Lastly, the researcher provided arguments on whether there are distinctions between the given concepts of love. The researcher chose this topic to explain further this concept of love, its philosophical implications, and how it affects our everyday existence. In addition to this, the researcher’s goal is to explain and make the readers understand the real notion of this concept and to provide broader perspectives and realizations about the said topic. These are the following literatures that are relevant to the study. The Art of Loving, Erich Fromm, 1956

In the course of the study, this book was relevant, for being the primary reference of the research and the text that was interpreted in the research by the researcher. He expounded his ideas about love and its philosophical implications to the society. In this book, Erich Fromm exhibited his conception that love is an extraordinary emotion and an art which can alter the whole course of one’s life. This book helped the researcher to clearly understand and apprehend Erich Fromm’s key concept of love and its philosophical proponents. Man for Himself, Erich Fromm, 1947

This book was relevant to the study because it tackled about the real capability of man if he is in himself in relation to the topic of the study which is love. A man in himself is said to be the goal of everybody who wants to find himself in relation to other selves. It means that man is only capable of loving and relating himself to others because he is conscious of his own individuality and existence. Fromm discussed some philosophical concepts to support his claims in his other written works and to expound the topic of this study. The Sane Society, Erich Fromm, 1955

This book discussed the importance of relatedness which may open us to the possibility of talking about the concept of love in its spiritual, social, cultural, and even economic aspect. This book basically explored the concept of love in relation to man’s basic human need as a person: to be related to another. This book has Fromm’s continuation of thoughts about self-love and narcissism which is basically the ideas present in his previous works. To Have Or To Be, Erich Fromm, 1976

In this book, Erich Fromm argued that two ways of existence are competing for the ‘spirit of mankind,’ that of having and being. The having mode looks to things and material possessions and is based on...
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