Eric Peterson (a) and (B)

Topics: Management, Project management, Planning Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: January 28, 2008
Erik Peterson (A & B)
Key Problems
The key problems facing Erik Peterson are his lack of industry knowledge, his lack of clarity on the reporting structure above him and the problems that existed when Peterson first took over the project and the lack of a good plan to start with. Peterson lacks industry knowledge and does not have adequate backup in his own team with sufficient knowledge of starting up a new cellular division. Curt Andrews, his chief engineer had poor planning capabilities and lacked the system operating knowledge and expertise to help Peterson out by providing advice or guidance. But Peterson was unable to convince headquarters to do away with Curt. Peterson finally had to end up doing a lot of hand-holding for Curt. Peterson lacks clarity on the reporting structure of the organization and he is not assertive enough to get this clarified with Jenkins with whom he had his interview discussion. Ideally he should have got this clarified as soon as he joined. But surely after he had problems dealing with Hardy, he should have approached Jenkins to get this resolved. Peterson took over the division with a truck-load of problems on hand like the non-performing and non-co-operating sub-contractor already behind schedule and unable to meet agreed upon deadlines. Equipment delays by Headquarters added to the mess. These were neither effectively managed nor were these communicated to the higher management in time which left senior management unaware of it. Other problems that Peterson faced included lack of support from Hardy on decisions he made for the good of GMCT like with the agreements with local governments, brewing conflict and uneasiness within team (Curt-Trevor, Curt-Stevana), antagonizing higher-ups like Cantor and Green early in his company tenure. Underlying Issues and recommendations

The key underlying issues are the assumptions that Peterson makes about the organization, the assumed rules, the assumed organizational structure and the...
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