Eric Liddell a Life

Topics: Gold medal, 1968 Summer Olympics, Missionary Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: May 28, 2011
Divinity assessment task – 2008
Option A:
Write about the life of a prominent Christian person (other than Martin Luther King or Nicky Cruz) from the 19th Century or later. •Describe the key events in this person’s life (400 words – 7 marks) •Analyse the influences that shaped the actions of this person (300 words – 6 marks) •Evaluate this person’s overall contribution to society (300 words – 7 marks)

Eric Liddell – A life

Describe the key events in this person’s life (400 words)

Eric Liddell, know by many as the ‘Flying Scotsman’ because of his Scottish heritage and his talent in sprinting, was born in Northern China in a town called Tianjin. He was born in 1902 to Reverend and Mrs James Liddell. His parents were Scottish missionaries who were connected with the London Missionary Society and this would affect Liddell’s life in a huge way as he got older. By the time Eric was six he was enrolled in a special school for children with parents who were missionaries. This college is located in South London so this would have been a huge thing for a six year old to endure. This event in his life was a key one because it would help him on his way to becoming one of the most famous missionaries in the world. At his boarding school Eltham Eric excelled in the sporting field. He was awarded the Blackheath Cup for the best athlete of the year and was in the 1st XI and XV by the age of 15. It became widely known that Eric was the fastest man in Scotland at the time and a lot of people where saying that he had the potential to be an Olympic gold medal, this would be a key event in his life because no one had won an Olympic medal for Scotland before. After his schooling years Eric began to use is ‘famous’ to attract crowds when he started speaking for the Glasgow Students' Evangelical Union (GSEU). After Liddell’s graduation and Olympic career he continued to compete. He returned to his birthplace of Tianjin and began his famous work as a missionary. He...
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