Ergonomics Plan

Topics: Management, Occupational safety and health, Musculoskeletal disorders Pages: 2 (464 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Johnathan Boettcher
ENPH 464 Fall 2012


Ergonomic disorders account for the largest percentage and most costly job-related illnesses. This Ergonomic Plan was developed to further the goal to provide programs, equipment and training for the protection of employees. In this effort, full cooperation of the total work force (managers, supervisors, employees, and support staff) in working together toward realizing ergonomic improvements is expected.

Employees reporting symptoms or signs of potential work-related musculoskeletal disorders will have their complaints addressed in a timely and appropriate manner, the supervisor will initiate procedures to evaluate the employee’s health complaint, job practices and worksite whenever 1) an employee complains of an ache or pain involving an ergonomic hazard; or 2) an employee is diagnosed with a repetitive motion injury by a licensed physician.

Management will work with employees to eliminate or materially reduce identified musculoskeletal disorder hazards. Control measures might include workstation redesign, Administrative Controls and/or Work Practice Controls. Management may require the use of Personal Protective Equipment to supplement the other control measures. The employee is responsible to minimize his/her own exposure by considering his/her own work habits and work area organization.

Requests for work site evaluations may be initiated either by a physician, a supervisor, or an employee. The immediate manager or supervisor may address the complaint or request personally or by referral to the Ergonomic Team/Committee. Workstation assessment may be requested as a result of:

1. Report of Ergonomic injury or concern from employee
2. Development of a new job, process or operation by a supervisor 3. Complaints from employees in new jobs, processes or operations; and/or use of new tools or...
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