Ergonomics: Angle and Price Ranges

Topics: Angle, Personal computer, Ergonomics Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: June 24, 2010
Ergonomics and Computing
Ergonomics is all about applying the design of a product to fit the need of the person using the product. The design could be a physical one, such as making a chair, a bed, a car, or a fork and knife to be used easily for the job it’s intended for. The design can also be psychologically; making a computer program easy for someone to understand. In everyday life, ergonomics role is to fit people with comfortable living. Its designing helps people on the job, at home, in hospitals, and schools, seeking to ensure that equipment and environment suit each person comfortably on a day to day basis. Ergonomics is the study of design for our environment and to meet our needs. Millions of people use and work with computers every day. Computers are part of our everyday living. They are a driving force in everything we do personally, professionally and productively. As computers enhance our productivity, ergonomics improves productivity to ward off repeated stress encountered when achieving our goals through its design. There are four areas that a computer user interfaces with: the monitor, the keyboard and mouse, the chair, and the lighting of the environment. Setting up the interfaces with these ergonomic guidelines as well as maintaining a good posture will enhance comfort and efficiency, as well as prevent repetitive stress injuries ( And according to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), the following components are used to setup a safe computer workstation:

1. Monitor- Ergonomic monitors have single arms or double arms to adjust up or down. To be position to minimize glare, while maintain the ability to read. Center of the monitor screen should have a 15 degree angle down and aligned with the keyboard and mouse.

Price ranges for ergonomic monitors: low-199.00-399.00, medium-500.00-799.00, and high-900.00-1200.

2. Keyboard- Ergonomic keyboards are usually curved or have a pinnacle arm. The...
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