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CTH Level 4 Diploma


Tourism Economics


January 2011

Marking guidelines are used by the CTH examining team to help structure a fair and consistent marking mechanism. Markers will allocate marks in accordance with the marking guidelines. In some cases acceptable answers are included in the marking guidelines, where this is the case care is taken to provide structured answers with a range of content; however, they cannot all be interpreted as definitive answers. Markers will use professional judgment to allocate marks where candidates have given alternative, relevant and satisfactory answers or part answers. Where discretionary marks are allowed within the mark scheme, markers will apply a working professional knowledge of the industry and subject area. Markers will award marks for demonstration of the assessment criteria of the syllabus. Candidates will not be penalised or negatively marked.

Tourism Economics Question 1 1.1 Explain, using suitable examples, the term FDI 3 Marks

Mark 2 marks to be awarded for explaining the term and 1 mark for the example. Scheme Learning Outcome Reference: 1 Evaluate how economic factors impact on the tourism industry. Assessment Criteria Reference: 1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of economic theory and its impact on the tourism industry (including GDP, FDI, balance of payments, effects of recession, inflation, standards of living, imports and exports, Pricing strategies: elasticity, supply and demand). 1.2 Explain the positive and negative effects of a weak foreign exchange rate on the flow of tourists to a destination in the recent economic recession Up to 5 marks are available for positive effects Up to 5 marks are available for negative effects. 10 Marks

Mark scheme

Out of every 5 marks, 1 mark is for identifying an impact and two marks for explanation and 2 marks for application to a required destination. As an example Weak...
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