Ereader vs Hard Copy Books

Topics: E-book, Books, Electronic paper Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Paper Books or E-books/E-reader
            Although reading is one of the crucial elements that have an impact on people’s life, technology has also made an impact on books. Now there are e-readers like: Kindle, Nook, and IPad. To some people, reading is entertainment anywhere and anytime. So which one is worth buying, paper books or e-books/e-readers? An e-reader can hold at least a thousand or more books, which are for sure more books than books you can carry in your backpack. E-readers are very useful for traveling, it doesn’t take much space, or it doesn’t weigh much. Some e-readers also have backlight to help them when there are not much light, when paper books always require light. E-readers are also efficient; their battery can lasts for more than 10 days. E-readers also allow the readers to format the fonts and size of the text, and it does not require paper or ink. To buy or get a paper book one must travel to book stores or libraries, or order it form the internet and wait for the delivery; but you can download an e-book using the internet right away. An e-reader does cost more than a paper book, but the e-books are sometimes cheaper. If a book gets damaged you can’t use it anymore, but if an e-book gets damaged you can always backup to recover the files that were damaged.   A book seems so worthless compared to an e-book, but it has its own advantages. A book that is on a shelf would last longer than an e-book, for an e-reader’s battery will eventually run out, and the documents may get lost in the cyberspace. A paper book is not as fragile as an e-reader, if you drop an e-reader it may get more severely damaged than a paper book. A paper book’s cover attracts customers with visual appeal, and the feeling of the paper itself and flipping the page is something that only paper books have. The designs of paper books tend to make them look beautiful too. Paper books remain readable for many years, but e-books will keep develop as technology develops; so...
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