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Website Navigation and Developmental Plan
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Website Navigation and Development Plan
Website success main part is the website navigation. Various parts of the content gateway are the website navigation. If the site does not have some sort of navigation, then it will lose all sense of structure and organization. The main thing is the access of your website from anywhere which is very important part of the success. The wonderful part of the website is to go to any page by clicking just two or three times and the main page access should be by one click. On one side of the screen there should be navigation bar. A reader is able to gain immediate knowledge of the depth of a website simply from the navigation bar for that website. A navigation bar that is fully-featured intrigues the reader and assures them that there is much to do and see which, in turn, encourages them to further explore. The following features should be included in a website’s navigation: Finding the Navigation Toolbar Should Be Easy:

The most prominent feature of your design should be the navigation. In order to ensure that a reader can easily find the navigation bar, it is usually located across the top of the page. For instance, in the following figure, we show the navigation toolbar for MIT’s website. Aside from covering the bottom of the screen, it is also scattered all the way from the left side of the screen to the right. On the home page, the only view the user is able to get is of the navigation bar. From there, the user is able to go to different section of the university; for such large universities, this view is known as the grid view. In our case, each user is able to see our website differently. For example, students will see a website strictly for students and professors will see one for them while the staff members will see an entirely different one. From the home page, each user will be navigated to a separate log in page. This page will either allow the user to...
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