Eradicating Poverty in India

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Eradication of poverty in India: Is it a Distant Dream for Us? May 7th, 2012 mapsofindia1





India Poverty Map 2009-10
Poverty is a pervasive concern in a huge country like India. It has been projected that India is home to approximately 33% of the impoverished population of the world. Eradication of poverty in India is a priority for the Indian government. About Poverty in India: An overview

As laid down by the information furnished by the World Bank in 2005, around 41.6% of the overall population of the country is under the international poverty line of US$ 1.25 per day. This has been estimated in terms of Purchasing Power Parity (PPP), in technical terms INR 14.3 in village regions and INR 21.6 a day in metropolitan places. As reported by the United Nations Development Program statistics of 2010, approximately 37.2% of the population of the country is living under the countrywide poverty line. Of late, a report was published by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI). The report states that eight of the states in India are home to a poverty-stricken population which is higher than the aggregate population of the 26 most underprivileged countries in the African continent. The population adds up to over 410 million underprivileged people in the most underdeveloped nations in Africa. Regardless of all the reasons contributing to poverty in India, India is at present adding population of 40 million people to the middle class annually. According to the 2011 Global Hunger Index (GHI) Report, India ranks as one of the three nations where the Global Hunger Index from 1996 to 2011 rose to 23.7 from 22.9. At the same time, a survey was conducted taking into consideration 78 out of the 81 developing nations across the world such as Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Myanmar, Malawi, and Zimbabwe that have been successful in bettering the hunger situation. The most recent information provided by UNICEF demonstrates that one out of three kids who are suffering from malnutrition all over the world will be found In India. At the same time, around 42% of the kids of the country below the age of five years are underfed. The report also comes up with the fact that around 58% of the kids below the age of five years were underdeveloped. According to Rohini Mukherjee, one of the officials of the Naandi Foundation, the performance of India in hunger management is even poorer than the nations that form sub-Saharan Africa. The Naandi Foundation is one of the charitable non-governmental organizations that are working to eradicate poverty in India. Marvin J. Cetron, one of the famous experts and forecasters and founder of “Forecasting International”, says that approximately 300 million people of India are now a part of the middle class. About 33% of this population has come out from the state of impoverishment over the last decade. Nonetheless, this must be viewed from the standpoint of the population growth in India since the population of the country has also risen by 190 million from 2001 and 370 million from 1991. Therefore, there has been a rise in the number of poor people as well. However, there is some good news for the deprived people of India. As stated by a report from the new United Nations Millennium Development Goals project, about 320 million residents of China and India will probably be freed from intense impoverishment over the coming four years. At the same time, it has been anticipated that in 2015 the rate of poverty of the country will slump to 22% which is certainly good news for India. In addition, the report reflects that in the southern part of the Asia, nevertheless, just India, where the rate of poverty has been estimated to go down to about 22% in 2015 from 51% in 1990, is heading in the right direction to cut down poverty by 50% by the...
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