Era of Good Feelings

Topics: United States, American Civil War, Slavery in the United States Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: February 9, 2012
AP US History
DBQ: Mislabeled “Era of Good Feelings”

The “Era of good feelings” was a mislabeled period of time in American History. The overall growth and expansion of the country and the overall nationalistic view of many Americans brought about what could be viewed as a peaceful era, one of good feelings. White men and woman rejoiced in the fact that they had strong national leaders of the republic, a constitution that was without fail, and a strong standing as the Unites States, a country. What overpowered those so called good feelings was a huge misunderstanding of what nationalism meant and how it affected the states; the rising of sectionalism. The differences and divisions in government ideas, not only of the leaders, but of the people; in that some wanted a strong central government and others wanted a decentralized government. The United States would have to face economic problems and most importantly face the role and division that slavery would play in the states. The Era of good feelings was always a political coax. In 1816 the first party system came to an end. James Monroe was a well-liked man elected into office and brought about an era of peace and good feelings to his American people. With the termination of the Federalist Party and the ending of the war of 1812, Monroe found himself in great standings. There were no threats from an opposing party and no threats from international affairs. That is how Monroe so easily persuaded the American people to believe that divisions and fractions did not exist after the war. It was not only that he wanted the American people to believe him but that he, himself wanted to believe that the United States, politically, could bring about and era of good feeling, or at least on the surface. The nationalist spirit seen in (Doc C) that Monroe brought about won him the election in 1820 (Doc I) showing that he was again nominated with no oppositions.

If President James Monroe was so successful in office...
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