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Topics: African American, Black people, White people Pages: 3 (1015 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Grant Wiggins and Jefferson are the novel’s protagonist in a Lesson before dying. Grant Wiggins is the narrator in that story who a disaffected African-American elementary school teacher living in the quarter, which has the bad condition because the racists happened in Louisiana plantation. He raised by his Tante Lou for unknown reason, Tante Lou sent him to college to study more and be smarter than the common African American people that normally uneducated. The novel is about Jefferson’s story but narrated by Grant with the exception in the last chapter when Jefferson told us his story through the diary. Grant has taken on the monumental responsibility of making Jefferson a man, even in the first time he did not want to do that but Tante Lou always asks him and reminds him about what Tante Lou have done for his life and also there is the effect from Vivian, who is his girlfriend and always support him to do that

thing. So Grant involved to the Jefferson’s problem, in short they are two men who supported each other. Unlike the conventional hero who has the total independence, Grant could be a hero only through his interaction and give the perspective to Jefferson. This tells us about the condition in that moment that Afrocentric needs of the community to support each other because they are minority. Even Grant and Jefferson don’t have any blood relatives; they are connected through their common experience as black males.

It is a little bit hard to compare my self with Grant Wiggins. I am 17 years old exchange student who lives in United States now. But there is something that I can put my self in his life, that is when I am being minority in the community. I am a Muslim which is not the biggest population in USA. I came to here and some people still have the stereotype about Muslim’s which is a terrorist. I know how does it feel when I walked in the mall and covered my hair; people will look at me from the feet until the hair and it really makes me...
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