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Topics: Electronic commerce, Payment gateway, Iran Pages: 12 (3901 words) Published: June 1, 2013
International Journal of Innovation, Management and Technology, Vol. 3, No. 5, October 2012

Investigating Online Shopping System in Iran as a Developing Country B. Zibanezhad, M. Makhlughian, and A. Salajegheh
 Abstract—The lack of necessary reliable infrastructures in developing countries has reduced electronic commerce growth and development. Online shopping system analysis and design was evaluated in Iran as a developing country. National banking & delivery systems along with cultural & training challenges were evaluated too. Based on Iran governmental services constraints, we presented an appropriate architecture for large scale online shopping systems. Some of design phase diagrams are presented that could be useful for software developing companies. Index Terms—B2C, Electronic Commerce, Online Shopping System, SDLC Phases.

I. INTRODUCTION As electronic services are dependent on many governmental and private organizations, they grow and develop slowly in developing countries. A case in point could be online payment services which could be used whenever traditional banks change their systems into modern ones or shipping rates and services change to cost-effective ones that encourage customers to buy their requirements from online shopping systems. In this paper we try to focus on electronic commerce especially online shopping systems in Iran. Software and hardware infrastructures, payment methods, delivery methods, online purchasing culture and training are discussed. Our research is based on SDLC phases in software engineering. Preliminary investigation, analysis, and design phases have been done. Remaining phases including implementation and test can be done by presented diagrams in section 4. Technical specifications of Iranian banks such as SAMAN [8], PARSIAN [11] banks were evaluated. We also evaluated national delivery system in contrast with TNT and DHL briefly. In design phase, system modeling done based on previous phases evaluation and its output was physical model of the system. Diagrams such as sequence, activity are presented in section 4. Out of 1449 submitted websites in open directory project, 304 ones are related to “‫”بازرگانی‬ (EN: Business) and “‫( ”خرید‬EN: Shopping) categories (~21%) [16]. Both Iran and Italy (a developed country) have approximately 32 million internet users [17] but Iran has 117 submitted websites in “‫( ”خرید‬EN: Shopping) category while Italy has 2,970 ones. Regarding to our experiences, Manuscript received August 12, 2012; revied September 24, 2012. B. Zibanezhad is with Islamic Azad University, Najafabad Branch, Isfahan, Iran (e-mail: M. Makhlughian and A. Salajegheh are with Islamic Azad University-South Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran (e-mail:,

evidence and Iran potentials (more than 32 million internet users) we can conclude that governmental organizations haven’t done their job and mission well. Online shopping system proposed in this paper can be useful for other developing countries. Since we have designed and presented design phase diagrams in this paper, it can also be considered as a manual for software developing companies in the ecommerce field. The remainder of this paper is organized as follows: In section 2, we will talk about external organizations and people which have relation with our system; preliminary investigation and analysis phases are presented in this section. Based on previous phase we have presented the appropriate architecture for implementation in section 3. Design phase diagrams with sufficient explanation for each one are presented in section 4.

II. PRILIMINARY INVESTIGATION AND ANALYSIS PHASES In this section we discuss about different external organizations and people which make effect on the system. We will also do system feasibility and mention system implementation benefits. By the way, we don’t claim that our research encompasses all aspects of an online...
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