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  • Published : January 4, 2013
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The Equitable Banking Corporation is the first commercial bank licensed by Central Bank of the Philippines and in 1955 the bank opened its first metro manila branch located at divisoria. On 1973 the bank established its first foreign branch in hongkong and also the first filipino bank in the crown colony, after a year Equitable Bank Foundation engaging in non-profit, social, cultural and charitable activities.

During 1977 Central Bank of the Philippines granted EBC its foreign currency deposit unit (FCDU) licensed and signed an agreement to Visa International a major credit card company in united states of america for both domestic and international market.

In 1989 the credit card department spun off into wholly owned subsidiary, the Equitable Card Network INC. for betterl service both visa and mastercard cardholders. The EBC awarded a gold coin award as a top participating financial institution contributing significantly to the modernization and expansion industries in philippines. In 1985 the company spun off into Equitable Finance limited for providing filipino overseas contract workers in hongkong to their financing and remittance requirments , the Equitable card network card company of EBC launched the JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) card in the last quarter of the year 1998 and ranks 10th among asias top 15 banks that make list to asian money.

The Equiptable PCI Bank mark its 55th year as a third largest banking group and has over 400 branches and morethan 500 fasteller atm nationwide, with access to Bancnet, Megalink and Express net. Atm. On the use of cellular or wireless telephone technologies Equitable PCI Bank tie-ups with smart and globe offers more than 1.7 million depositors access to the widest range mobile banking services.

Industry sector analysis

A. SWOT analysis


over 400 branches nationwide
500 fastellers atms
access to 5,500 bancnet, megalink and express net atms.
Acceptance of...
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