Equipped for Efficiency: Improving Nursing Care Through Technology

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Equipped for Efficiency:
Improving Nursing Care Through Technology
December 2008
Equipped for Efficiency:
Improving Nursing Care Through Technology
Prepared for
California HealtHCare foundation
Fran Turisco, M.B.A., research principal Jared Rhoads, M.S., senior research analyst CSC
December 2008
About the Authors
Fran Turisco is research principal and Jared Rhoads is a senior research analyst at CSC’s Emerging Practices, the applied research arm of CSC’s Global HealthCare Sector. CSC is a global consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing company based in Falls Church, Virginia. About the Foundation

The California HealthCare Foundation is an independent philanthropy committed to improving the way health care is delivered and financed in California. By promoting innovations in care and broader access to information, our goal is to ensure that all Californians can get the care they need, when they need it, at a price they can afford. For more information on CHCF, visit us online at www.chcf.org. ©2008 California HealthCare Foundation

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I. Introduction II. Overview
How Technology Can Help
III. Technologies That Enhance Nursing Care Delivery
Wireless Communications
Real-Time Location Systems
Delivery Robots
Workflow Management Systems
Wireless Patient Monitoring
Electronic Medication Administration with Bar Coding Electronic Clinical Documentation Interactive Patient Technologies
IV. Summary
A: Interviewees B: Vendors
24 25

I. Introduction
new teCHnologies Have tHe potential to Create
a better work environment for inpatient nurses by improving the efficiency, safety, and quality of care. Advances include wireless communications, real-time location systems, delivery robots, workflow management systems, wireless patient monitoring, electronic medication administration with bar coding, electronic clinical documentation, and interactive patient systems. When linked with these technologies, alarm/event messaging and biomedical device integration add significant value to the way nurses coordinate and provide care. Because nurses work at the center of a complex web of care delivery, their use of proven technological solutions can have a dramatic impact on hospital operations. This report, based on interviews with nurses and other professionals, describes the challenges that nurses face in everyday practice and how innovative hospitals around the country are applying eight leading-edge applications to overcome them. The results indicate that these systems have helped to create a better work environment for inpatient nurses and raise their job satisfaction, while also contributing to improvements in care. All of the hospitals that shared their experience are planning further enhancements or more widespread use of the technologies they have implemented to date. 2 | California HealtHCare foundation

II. Overview
nurses prefer to work in Hospitals wHere patient
safety, quality of care, and nursing satisfaction are top priorities for hospital executives. Surveys over the years have cited common themes for high levels of job satisfaction among nurses: control and influence over their workday, workload, and workflows that enable them to be productive and efficient; an ability to deliver high-quality care and do their best for patients; and collaboration with fellow care providers in making decisions.1, 2 Nurses’ high job satisfaction also influences patient satisfaction. In one study, nursing care was the primary factor in how patients viewed their hospital stay. The more satisfied patients were with their nurses, the more satisfied they were with their stay.3 This report explores how technology can play a key role in creating such an environment. The focus is on emerging applications that are in early use, have demonstrated their value, and represent leading-edge technologies with great potential, as well as some...
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