Equality in the Workplace

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Equality and diversity

The benefits of equality and diversity procedures

Business 1 always chooses people from the same family for its senior jobs. Some of the original managers employed from this family were very competent. However, others have proven less capable.

Business 2 always employs the person with the best skills. Factors such as family, race, gender are of little importance compared with ability.


QUESTION: What do you think are the likely long-term problems for Business 1 and Business 2?

MY ANSWER: Long term problems for business 1 would be,
discrimination and complacency.

Presuming that a person is good at a job simply because they are related to someone who has proven to be good at the same job is wrong, discriminative.

As a result the business would suffer in the long term.
One should address the skills and capabilities of each candidate as an individual.
This is demonstrated in the employing decisions of
business 2.
By examining each individuals skills and competences
relating to the post in question, the best person will undoubtedly get the job regardless of their relations, race or gender.

Actual answer:
It is likely that Business 2 will be more successful than Business 1.

In Business 1, less skilled family members may get important jobs. This can have a negative impact on the business.
It is also likely that skilled employees who aren't family
will be disappointed, disgruntled and think about leaving the organisation.

In Business 2, competent people will fill senior management roles and they will be able to perform better. The organisation is more likely to attract talented people who want to progress. This makes Business 2 a more diverse organisation and one which has an equal opportunities.

A diverse organisation provides opportunities to learn new things from people with different experiences and perspectives, and an equal opportunities environment enables people...
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