Equality Essay

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  • Published : September 8, 2011
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In America, equality is a very big deal. This country was founded on equality and the idea that everyone should have the same opportunities. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Many places around the world don’t allow people as many opportunities as others. In Iraq and Iran, women have virtually no rights what so ever. Even here in America some people are prejudiced against certain groups and treat them unequally. Although it doesn’t really seem like it, there is a large difference between equality and opportunity. This essay will discuss equality of women and men in Iraq and Iran, opportunities of people in America, and the difference between equality and having opportunities. In 1995 a book was published called “The Stoning of Soraya M”. The book tells how In Iran no Muslim may kill a human being, but if a woman is accused by her husband (rightly or wrongly) she is no longer considered human. The story is told about a woman whose husband wanted to divorce her but didn’t want to pay the dowry back to her family. So he had one of his friends act as a “witness” of her adultery. Later that week she was then stoned to death by the people of the town. This shows how in Iran and Iraq women are not equal to men. It is not the women’s decision; it is just what they were born into. Today, America is known as the land of opportunity. If this is true, then why are immigrants not able to get jobs as easily as people born in America? The truth is that people here in America don’t always have equal opportunity. If a Caucasian man and a Hispanic man both applied for the same job, chances are the Caucasian man would get the job. Just think, in Arizona today a police officer can racially profile a person without getting in trouble. It is actually allowed for police to stop a Hispanic person on suspicion that they are an illegal immigrant. If the Hispanic person doesn’t have his or her papers they can be questioned. It may not seem obvious, but there is a difference...
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