Equality, Diversity and Rights

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Equality Diversity and Rights
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Concepts of Equality, Diversity and Rights

Diversity overall is what makes everyone a unique human being, for example the human race is incredibly diverse. There are different aspects of diversity in a contemporary British Society, which could be skin colour, religion, heritage, hair colour, education, gender, social class, race, political opinion, marital status and family structure could be some for example.

It is important to be open to differences and celebrate it because that way you can take advantage of everyone’s talent. You need to be prepared for changes as things are changing within the whole of Britain and working population, for example people from ethnic minorities make up 7.9% of the UK population and in London its 31%. It is an advantage living in a diverse society as everyone is different and everyone has their own opinions.

Equality overall is about fairness which means making judgements from discrimination it is also about natural justice which is basic/fundamental judicial extended to a person with rights at issue, it is also about being impartial and reasonable which means showing lack of favourism and being liable to give a account of one’s actions. The British society is viewed as one that tolerates the beliefs and values of others; tolerance means to tolerate unfavourable conditions. Although there are those who are intolerant to others, our laws and the way we live in society means that we are a society tolerant to others differences and we are open-minded. There are people within society that pre-judge which means that you judge without knowing the facts, they may also generalise which means having a general overview of something, there is also attitude which people may do which is a mental state involving beliefs and feeling, all these three things are negative to society as this could lead to discrimination towards some-one.

We all have the right to be respected, treated equally and also not discriminated against, treated in a dignified way, allowed privacy, protected from danger or harm, allowed access to personal information (confidentiality), allowed to communicate using preferred methods and cared for in such ways that means our needs and takes account for our choices. We also need to have respect this is being polite, having open body language, being an active listener, being honest, by asking them if they are ok, addressing the person with their preferred name, give them a choice, and most of all give them dignity and privacy.

Everybody as a British citizen has their own right, which could be to be the religion you want to be, the right to be free from discrimination, a freedom of speech, a right to education, the right to choice your lifestyle and your clothing, the right to work, the right to be in a relationship and to get married, right to have children, right to be treated medically, and the right to have the right trial. You also have the right to be protected from danger and harm. Care Value Base

The care value base is a range of standards for health and social care. It is designed to guide the practice of professionals working in the area. The aim of the standards is to improve client’s quality of life, by ensuring that each person gets the care that is appropriate for them as an individual.

This care value base offers guidance in three main areas of health and social care it also sets standards, these three areas are:

* Fostering equality and diversity – which is recognising and supporting people’s individual needs. * Fostering people’s rights and responsibilities – which means supporting a client’s right to choose their own life style and helping them to accept their responsibilities. * Maintaining confidentiality of information – which means that any information client’s give you is private and confidential whether it is verbal, written or electronic.

You have to avoid a lot of things on...
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