Equality, Diversity, and Democracy

Topics: United States, Race and Ethnicity, Southern United States Pages: 4 (1338 words) Published: July 5, 2011
Justice and Equality Cannot Coexist, For When One is Achieved the Other is Infringed Upon: Equality, diversity, and democracy are the three components that America claims to revolve around, but unfortunately lacks. America is a nation filled with envy, rage, and such preposterous behaviors and actions. Since the founding of the nation, to the present of America, and according to the predicament of the future, this territorial notion that America abides by is slowly corrupting the nation.

Since the establishment of America equality was always an issue, but always an issue of avoidance. In the article Deconstructing America, Buchanan states, “As for the Africans, they arrived in 1619 in slave ship, and were not freed for 246 years. Then they were segregated for a century” (465). Buchanan stresses the idea that America claims to be a picture perfect nation where all is equal, but in reality they’ve lacked equality since their uprising. Another idea that Buchanan stresses elaborates more in the idea that equality has been an issue in America. In Buchanan’s article Deconstructing America, he refers to the English, the Virginians, and the Americans in this quote: “They believed in superiority of their Christian faith and English culture and civilization. And they transplanted that unique faith, culture, and civilization to the America’s fertile soil. Other faiths, cultures, and civilizations --- like the ones the Indians had here, or the Africans brought, or the French had planted in the Quebec, or the Spanish in Mexico ___ they rejected and resisted with cannon, musket, and sword. This was our land, not anybody else’s. (466)” Americans have been, and still in some ways are territorial and limited to their beliefs, customs, and rituals. These beliefs were more crucial in the past decades, but still haven’t drastically changed. Equality is past of freedom of speech and that idea is also restricted in America. For example, African Americans still endure hardships...
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