Equality and Diversity

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Equality and diversity policy statement and employment policy 1 1.1 Equality and Diversity Policy statement The Trust’s equality and diversity policy statement is as follows:

The London Ambulance Service is committed to equality and diversity. One of our values states: ‘We will value diversity and will treat everyone as they would wish to be treated, with respect and courtesy.’ In practical terms this means: • Everyone, including patients, colleagues and health and social care partners, will be treated as they would wish to be treated, with respect and courtesy. • At recruitment and throughout their employment we will treat all individuals fairly. This will include ensuring staff receive equal treatment regardless of ethnic origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief. • We recognise that the diversity of our staff benefits the organisation – we aim to have a workforce that is reflective of, and knowledgeable about the communities in which we work. • We will seek to treat patients to the highest possible standards and according to their individual need. It is the responsibility of all staff to support this commitment in all aspects of their work.

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Equality and diversity employment policy The Trust believes that we should, as far as possible, ensure that equalities and diversity considerations inform all our policies and practices. This policy sets out examples of how we intend to do this in relation to our employment responsibilities: Recruitment and Selection The Trust will seek to recruit from all sections of the population that we serve. Targets will be identified and positive action measures (such as using pre-employment courses) will be used to develop a workforce increasingly representative of London’s population. Review Date June ‘08 Reviewer: HR Policy and Projects Manager Page 1 of 4

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Date of issue: June ‘05 Approved by: Director of HR & OD Index no: HR/05/007


All recruitment, selection and promotion will be subject to the Trust’s recruitment policy and procedures. Selection will be based on jobrelated criteria. Those who chair recruitment and selection panels will be trained in the requirements of our recruitment policy. Learning and Development The Trust will ensure that all staff have fair access to learning and development opportunities. All staff will have a personal development plan. This will follow a review with the manager when objectives are explained, the individual’s performance is discussed and training needs identified. Where practicable training and development will be made available either at a time or through other means that meets the needs of staff whatever their work pattern. Staff support The Trust recognises that from time-to-time staff may potentially require additional support. This support, subject to ongoing review, will include the following services: • Occupational Health services • Employee Assistance Programme • Counselling services • Peer support – LINC scheme • The Benevolent fund (Benefits depend on membership - all staff can become members). • Pensions advice As far as possible these services will be available for self referral and they will be easily accessible. Work/Life balance The Trust will ensure that all staff have the opportunity to manage an effective work/life balance and will provide them with the opportunity to manage urgent caring arrangements. The Trust will give all staff the opportunity to request flexible working and ensure that these requests are properly considered against the service requirements. Health, Safety and Risk The Trust has a duty of care to all staff and will seek to Review Date June ‘08 Reviewer: HR Policy and Projects Manager Page 2 of 4

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Date of issue: June ‘05 Approved by: Director of HR & OD Index no: HR/05/007

ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and equipment to minimise risk....