Equality and Diversity

Topics: Learning, Equality, Teacher Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: March 13, 2013
According to Gavells .A(2011)Equality is about the right of the learners to have access to and participate in their chosen learning experience.This is regardless of age,ability and/or circumstances.Any inequality and discrimination should be addressed and dealt with to ensure fairness,decency and respect among learners.In the United kingdom,Equal Opportunity is a concept that is backed by legislation to ensure the provision of appropriate and relevant access for the development ,participation and the advancement of all individuals and groups. Diversity on the other hand, is about appreciating and respecting the differences in learners, inspite of their age, ability or circumstances or any other individual characteristics they may have.Having two or more learners presents diversity, which could be in in the form of varied levels of experience and knowledge, aiming to achieve the same qualification. Reece&Walker(2005),suggested that, many teachers have come into their profession because they enjoy helping others to learn and also with the belief that all students should have a fair and equal chance to learn. This begins with the use of ‘inclusive language’ during lessons. Such language that reflects every learners understanding. Furthermore, Gavells.A(2011),on equality and diversity,suggested the following when teaching: 1)Not to be judgemental

2)To challenge any direct or indirect form of discrimination,prejudice,harassment, bullying and biased attitude observed. 3)As a teacher,to challenge one’s own attitude,values and beliefs,so as no to impose them on the learners. 4)Not to show favouritism towards group or individuals

5)Not to offend any faith group
6)Treat all learners with respect and dignity.
7)Use activities which are pitched on the right level.
8)When asking questions,it should be wordedso as not to embarrass learners Gavells further suggested that,incorporating activities based around equality and diversity and the...
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