Equality and Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Stereotype, Prejudice Pages: 12 (2993 words) Published: March 7, 2013
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity


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1. What is meant by diversity?

Diversity means being aware that everyone that you come into contact with is unique and different in one way or another. This can be through some of the following: Gender, Ethnic group, Age, Background, Social Class, Religion, Appearance, Disability or Trade Union that they belong to.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: • Interests
• Beliefs
• Ages
• Lifestyles
• Personal, social and cultural identities.

I live in a small village called . The village is filled with many diverse people all having different or similar interest and views.

The ages range from birth up to people in their 90’s, you have people that have lived in the area since they were young and never moved, people that are not from the area that that have moved here because they like the area. Some people like I grew up here moved away and have now moved back to be near family and friends.

In the community there are many programmes which run through the community centre catering for each single person. There are activities such as boogie babies for the babies and mums to enjoy and much more. Kick boxing and many more similar for the teenagers. They also have many activities for the adults including bingo, yoga, zumba etc.

The local Parish council also run events such as fishing competitions, parties for old and young to enjoy, awards nights to celebrate outstanding induviduals within the community.

The interests within vary as there is a lot to do in the area. Many enjoy going to the local pub whilst many enjoy using the local amenities for sports i.e. football or fishing etc.

There are three Schools (2 Primary Schools and 1 High School). 2/3 of the High School population are pupils that get a bus into the school from other villages, so the High School has a very diverse population.

Within the village we all have different preferences to which takeaway place to go to as there is a Chinese, fish and chip shop and an Indian place to choose from I myself and partial to a Chinese where as others prefer the traditional fish and chip shop.

3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community.

All the different people that make up the community contribute to diversity because if everyone was the same life would be rather boring. Everyone would walk around like robots, doing the same thing. A diverse culture means that people gain new experiences and new ways of looking and thinking about things. It enhances and improves the community and the future of communities.

4. Give some examples to explain how diversity:
• Enhances your life
• Enhances the local community
• Enhances this country.

Diversity has enhanced my life as I understand other people’s beliefs and respect the way they are. If I did not have had enhanced my life I may have grown up to be racist and if everyone within my community was the same as I, then no one would have corrected me for being incorrect and plainly rude. This may have also affected the way in which people outside of the community would have been with me.

Diversity allows people to adopt and change their own attitudes; these may have previously been known as prejudice and discriminating. People...
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