Equality and Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Stereotype Pages: 9 (2238 words) Published: July 16, 2012
1. What is meant by diversity?

Diversity means differences and variations, within in people for example different races, beliefs, physical appearances, age, capabilities, customs and gender and class.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: •Interests
Personal, social and cultural identities.

The community I live in is very diverse, I live among various different cultures and lifestyles ranging from lower class to upper class. My street has different age groups living here from families with young children to pensioners. There are a range of interests within my village from sports clubs to various music/ dancing groups with people from different ages, races and cultures all attending. Nearby there are different religious buildings which include a church and a mosque . There are a range of shops and small supermarkets which cater for the diverse community in the products they sell for example we have a polish supermarket we also have a variety of resturants and a takeaways which cater for individuals tastes, preferences or beliefs for example some resturants only serve halawi meat.

3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community.

The variations I have listed above contribute to the diversity of my community as my village caters for many different groups of people for example people living here from a different country, people from different ethnic backgrounds, people with different interests, people from different economic back ground and a range of different age groups.

4. Give some examples to explain how diversity:
Enhances your life
Enhances the local community
Enhances this country.

Diversity enhances my life as it creates different experiences and opportunities for me that I may not have the chance to experience if my community was not as diverse for example the chance to meet people from different cultures or religions and learn about their culture/ religion something I would not have been able to achieve otherwise. My community benefits from being diverse as it has more to offer the people that live here in terms of activities/ social programmes and businesses. The country as a whole benefits from being diverse as it means that the different variations of people can create new opportunities and can teach individuals that its ok to be different and varied.

5. Describe what it means to respect people’s differences and why it is important to respect differences.

Respecting people’s differences means to recognise that another person is different, and that they have the right to be different. You may not always agree with a person’s choice or preference but if you are tolerant of it allows people to live their lives more peacefully. It is important that we as individuals respect people’s differences so that in turn we create an environment where others are encouraged to accept us for what we are.

6. For a person you know, describe the individual factors that make him / her who they are.


Defining factorsBrief description
Physical characteristics

Dark hair, dresses very fashionable, likes to wear bright colours Emotions
Always happy ,smiley
Likes and dislikes
Football, poker, cooking, dislikes mornings and cats
Values and beliefscatholic

Defining factorsBrief description
Physical characteristics

Short Dark brown hair, dresses very fashionable, likes to wear bright colours lots of pink, red and blue , has a tattoo on his left arm, clean shaven, blue eyes, slim build, 5ft 8 tall also has his index finger tip missing on his right hand Emotions

Always happy ,smiley, always expresses his emotions clearly very outgoing Likes and dislikes
Football, poker, cooking, going on holiday, being active ie swimming and playing sports dislikes mornings and cats and rainy days Values and beliefsCatholic...
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