Equal Women, Equal Pay

Topics: President of the United States, Barack Obama, African American Pages: 3 (1009 words) Published: October 19, 2012
As long as an American woman is putting in the same amount of hours with the same qualifications and experience in the same occupation as an American male, and yet taking home a wage that is any lower, she is not being treated fairly as an equal. Contrary to many arguments, it’s undeniable that a wage gap exists, and while there are various ideas as to the most probable cause, there is no reason why this gap should continue to go uncorrected or unchanged. Our government should take concrete steps to close the gender wage gap because it violates women’s rights and equality.

A woman's right to equality should guarantee her that she will be treated fairly in the workplace and that she is respected as having equal value and worth as her male peers. The wage gap has been around since women began working outside the home, and even as more careers became open to women, many times they faced discrimination due to social stereotypes. Today, our country's standard of freedom values would be followed more fairly if a gender wage gap did not exist between women and men.

Some opposing arguments deny the gap exists, taking on the arrogant view that the whole issue is an over-dramatic obsession of feminist groups. While others make claims that the wages are a reflection of women’s less competitive majors, gaps in employment history, taking time off work, entering lower-paying fields… all among a dozen other reasons why women aren’t at the higher employment standards as men. In response the assumption that women that are mothers cannot have careers, they are just as fit for employment as fathers are. In fact, mothering often fosters skills in women, an example of this being a mother’s developed ability to multi-task and be focused. Deborah Fallows explains the following about women that, “…after some months or years of settling into motherhood, their sense of what work is worth, and what they’re looking for in work, has greatly changed. They are less tolerant, more...
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