Equal Rights

Topics: Employment, Human rights, Wage Pages: 3 (1089 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Throughout history women have fought to have the same rights and privileges as men. To this day women do not seem to be treated the same as men in the workforce. It appears that women have given up the fight for equal rights. Although women have stood up for what they believe in, there are still many aspects of the workplace that are not as equal as the opportunities that men are given.

For hundreds of years women have fought to have equal rights in the workplace. First, it was not uncommon for a woman to be a prisoner in her own home. The man of the house was the one who brought all the income home and the woman took care of the all the cooking, cleaning, and tending to the children. This was the tradition of American women; it was the way that daughters were being raised, with the understanding that bearing children and being in charge of the household was their primary role in life. As time changed women would begin to thrive for something more challenging and career minded then their late ancestors.

In today's society it seems as if women are becoming complacent or have just given up the fight for equal rights. There are numerous reasons why women should continue to fight. Women are not be compensated for their hard efforts but are expected to do better. There are many women in the same positions as men but are not being rewarded the same. Where I work men are given company vehicles, credit cards, gas cards, and leniency to come and go as they please. When the women in the office are expected to drive their vehicles, use their personal credit cards for company expenses, and are expected to work often longer hours. Often time's the men go on hunting trips with subcontractors for a week at a time but are not docked the week from their vacation time. I am not saying that I would enjoy a week of hunting but an extra week of vacation would only seem fair.

Women need to stand up for what they believe is right and fair in the workplace. Rather it is the...
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