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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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Equal Treatment in Same-Sex Marriages
In the Language of Arguments the article “Equal Treatment is Real Issue- Not Same-Sex Marriage” talks about how not letting people of the same gender marry effects their rights under the U.S. constitution. Stating,”…every person is entitled to equal treatment under law.” (224) Imagine you want to pronounce your love towards someone of the same-sex through marriage but the government does not allow that. Yes, couples of the same gender can get what they call “Civil Unions” but that still not the same right rights as married men and women get. A Civil Union is “A legal relationship between two people of the same-sex that gives them some of the same rights and responsibilities that married people have.”(Merriam-Webster) Everyone should have the same privileges after all it is our constitutional right.

A lot of people have religious purposes on why “gay marriages” should be frowned upon. These people of religion oppose same-sex marriages because “they close the sexual act to the gift of life.’ Meaning homosexuals are non-procreative, they cannot reproduce. If sex without the possibility of creating life is wrong, then people will have to stop masturbation, infertile women shouldn’t be allowed to have sex or elders over the age of seventy years old cannot have intercourse either. Another moral argument would be homosexuality is “unnatural”. Steve Waldman states, “God created man and women with certain complementary capacities, and not to use them as an insult to the Creator.” In the bible it says marriage is between a man and a woman but according to the first amendment the bible has no standing in law. If marriage is a religious practice ordained by god then remove all social benefits of marriage. No more tax credits, legal benefits, community property or rights over the person and their assets. “Not only does the state issue marriage license… it gives married couples privileged treatment under law.”(224) Our nation has laws...
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