Equal Pay for Women

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  • Published : June 18, 2012
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Equal Pay for Women

When it comes to the topic of equal pay for women, most will agree that women should be paid the same as men. Whereas some are convinced that they should be, others maintain that they shouldn’t. “We have a responsibility to ensure that no one in this country makes less as a result of his/her gender.” (“The Importance of Equal Pay for Women”, 1). Discrimination continues simply because all the laws that are aimed to help don’t provide basic tools. An infinite amount of people will argue that women don’t deserve the same pay as their male counterparts. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in 2009 that 64% of women weren’t parents at the time, and were still paid less. (Para, 1). Pregnancy should not be the reason to modify salaries for women. If salaries should be altered, it should depend on performance, not by making an abominable fallacy placed upon gender. Conventional wisdom has it that women belong at home. Cleaning, cooking and doing laundry aren’t women’s work. It’s for anyone who wants to eat, wear clean clothes, and not live in squalor. Men have such narrow minds and they often stick to the mental hierarchy that they learned from the dark ages. During World War II, men went off to war leaving the wives to do their jobs to support the family. Women were “placed” in the kitchen due to the fact of their physical limitations. Every human being has the opportunity to go far in life and come out of ordinary customs. If women, who have an education, who worked hard if not harder than men to have a career, and are able to manage a household, then they are very much worthy of being paid the same as men. Women can be, and are as qualified as men. Gender stereotypes are extremely biased. The foremost remark men seem to make is that women belong at home with the children. Along with that, they’re saying that women should be pretty and fit. By the same token, women should say men that should be handsome, with a nice figure, have a well...
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