Equal Opportunity for Females in Sports

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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Women’s history depicts a continuous battle for equality. From the beginning women have fought for their right to be considered equal to men. With time, women’s rights evolved, including the right to play sports. Although many discrepancies between the opportunities for men and the opportunities for women in athletics still exists. Due to the fact that male sports receiving majority of funding, males have more media exposure and finally, women are stuck with many stereotypes, it is only natural that male athletics still dominate the global sports market.

Woman's funding in college and in professional sports is noticeably unequal compared to sports played by men. Although both playing the same sport, men are paid more than females causing them to have less motivation in following their dreams of playing that sport. In the National Basketball Association the highest salary is more than 27 million dollars, whereas, the maximum a WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) player can make is approximately 30 thousand dollars. This salary is less than the least talented male basketball players. An athlete’s salary reflects on how the world will view them. If female salaries are a lot lower, it will make it difficult for them to be accepted. Overall, “[women] are routinely given the least convenient practice times, the worst facilities and equipment, the least experienced teachers, trainers, and coaches, and less funding and sponsorship.” (Hall, 293) Because of the fact that recreation organizations, who were dependent on public facility funds, could no longer sustain the argument that they had no moral or legal obligation to provide equal opportunities to both sexes, the Canadian women’s cross-country ski team sold calendars featuring nude pictures of themselves to raise funds for their team. That’s just one of many females that have done things along the same lines because of the lack of money they were receiving. Overall it is extremely evident that...
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