Equal Employment

Topics: Discrimination, United States, Human rights Pages: 3 (831 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Askar Saleh
Employments are not treated equally

In life, everyone wants to be treated equally and have all the rights to live happy and strong. Long time ago several people suffered from inequality and have been mistreated. This is due people being different in color, and religion. For instance, most employees are being mistreated due to racism, but this problem should be dealt with as soon as possible. The U.S. Supreme Court should regulate equality employment by: paying all the employees equally, reducing racism among others, and also treating them with respect and dignity. This is very important because racism and inequality can cause a lot of things, such as repeated mistreatment, verbal abuse and threats. These all can lead employees losing their jobs. The United States economy doesn’t accept most people because of their religion or color. For example, “black guy is signing up the employment application and the economy turns it back because his black. Then he waits another week and he signs up contract saying his white and they accept him” that’s unfair for citizens who are different in colors. These kind brings us back to the history and the issues that happened, which will create more hatred between people. Employments get abuse by bosses about Sexual Orientation, which is not right because people have the right to do anything. There are many racism going on in the USA. The most common forms of racism are racial remarks, slurs, being called insulting names and being the center of hurtful jokes. Studies have found that discrimination, racism and harassment may have significant mental and physical health consequences such as frustration, stress, anxiety, depression, possible nervous breakdown, or high blood pressure that can cause heart attacks. Overall it is very sad for all this to happen to young and old people from discrimination that can be easily promoted by the government However, The U.S. Supreme Court should regulate the equality by paying them...
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