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Topics: Musical instrument, Music, Sport Pages: 4 (721 words) Published: May 21, 2013
In Glen McClish excerpt, he claims that music helps you improve in math and math related

subjects like science or engineering. The reason why he thinks there is a problem is that music

helps you understand the value of hardworking discipline and teamwork. Therefore, in order to

solve this problem McClish suggest that all kindergarten through twelfth grade students should

take a mandatory music classes but there is not enough money to pay for those classes. In order

to have more money for musical classes, McClish suggest that schools need to cut all athletic

programs because the only teach you how to be aggressive and competitive while music classes

helps you with school subjects. In my opinion I disagree with McClish solution that all athletic

programs should be cut in order to give more money to the music department to have mandatory

classes because sports keep you healthy and on shape, musical instruments may cost more

money than sports equipment and lastly because not all students are interested in playing an


when you play a sport, it maintains you in shape and healthy. playing a sport helps your heart

stay healthy. In any type of sport you run and running helps your cardio which leads to a healthy

heart. Also, playing a sport is a fun and easy way to exercise. Many teenagers don’t want to

waste their time doing something they don’t like; Like going for a run, doing pushups or sit ups.

Sports are fun because you get to meet new people and it teaches you team work and at the same

time you are doing some exercise. Sports helps you with your cardiovascular which leads you to

a healthy life and it’s a fun way to exercise.

We should not cut the athletic programs and give that money to have mandatory musical classes

because schools are going to waste more money on musical instruments and musical teachers

than sports equipment. Musical instruments cost a lot of money,...
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