Epm Essay Chapter 1

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Building Understanding: Applying People Skills to People Watching Task:
Part A: Activity
You are to take some time to “people watch.” Observe different groups of people and their interactions. The objective of this assignment is to identify people skills in action and make logical inferences using the concepts and ideas from your first four 7EPMBM lessons. You are to pinpoint one good example and capture/record this encounter using a camera. Photos downloaded from the internet and past photos taken from your collection will not be accepted.

*Please take photographs discretely and if you are in doubt about the legality of taking a picture in a particular place, or of something in particular, ask permission of someone before taking their picture as a common courtesy. 

Part B: Reflection
Next, you are to paste the selected photograph onto a MS Word document and provide a 250-words minimum, 500-words maximum reflection on what you have learnt from the observations made. Here are some thoughts to consider with reference to the activity:

i). What people skills can you see in action?
ii). How are these skills being used?
iii). Does anyone stand out as having good or poor people skills? iv). Personally, how does this relate to your own assessment of your people skills?


This individual assessment is to be submitted in Week 4. You must name your document file as follows: <Class> <Name> <Name of Assessment> (Eg. T01 John Tan Assessment 1). You are to submit only a soft copy of your assessment document in MeL.  

Marking Guide:

This assessment component is weighted at 15 marks. You will be assessed on the following criteria:

1. Language & Clarity (5 marks)
* Writes clearly and cohesively
* Ideas are well organized and the links between ideas logical

2. Quality of Reflection...
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