Episode Analysis: New Girl

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  • Published : August 6, 2012
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Jessica McCann
Central Ohio Technical College
Composition II

“Nick! I am tired of being the only girl in this apartment AND not to mention, I am the only single one!” (New Girl). From this quote, you can clearly see that Jess Day, in the new Fox television show, New Girl, is the only girl living with 3 other men in a loft in downtown New York. Gender roles in a television show can add humor, obvious contrast between characters, and depth.

In the episode, Valentine’s Day, Jess struggles finding affection after being alone on Valentine’s Day for the first time in six years. Being the only girl in the apartment is difficult for her, especially when she is constantly being told that she is the girl and she needs to let “the big boys handle it.” For example, in this episode, Schmidt says to Jess: “Jess, you are just a tiny little thing. Let me fix this. Take a seat, and some notes.” (New Girl). He says this to her after she can’t get a jar open. However, Schmidt can’t get the jar open either, and he and Jess pass it back and forth as a competition to now see who can open it.

In this episode, Jess is also struggling with not having sex. After her boyfriend of many years breaks up with her, she moves in to the apartment and starts a quest for affection from men. All of the men in the apartment have no problem with finding women to bring home on Valentine’s Day, but Jess is socially awkward and has issues finding men and finds herself alone on V-Day. This shows a gender contrast between characters, and allows for growth between Jess and the rest of the men. This is portrayed when Jess asks Schmidt to help her with her first one night stand. Jess says: “It’s my first

single Valentine’s Day in six years, and I need to go out, OK? We need to go out. ‘Cause I’m feeling pretty twirly.” (New Girl). Since she is asking a male to help her with this, it portrays that she is bonding with the men in the house and will eventually become accepted by...
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