Topics: Knee, Joint, Bone Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: January 24, 2013
While watching this player playing football i have noticed that the players muscular well-being is high. We can see that he has a strong bicep femoris. Proof of this is when the player kicks the ball we can see the bicep femoris is extremely stable when planting his standing leg to kick the ball. Secondly we can see that the player has a strong shoulder basis. His deltoid muscle and trapezius muscle seem very strong. As when the player is shielding the ball we notice that he has a lot of strength in both muscles to be able to use his shoulders to shrug away his opponent. However the player seems to have weak core muscles. As we can that the player seems to be weak when following through with a kick of a ball.. His abdominal muscle seems to be quite week meaning his body isn’t going through the motion properly while following through. An action plan for improvement on the core muscles would be a lot of core exercises such as sit-ups and leg lifts to strengthen the abdominals. Also increases football training overall will improve his technique. We can also see that the player has good hinge joint at the knee. To be good footballer your joints need to be durable to prevent injury and also having good joints helps substantially in competing to your full potential in a sport. This players hinge joint at the knee is noticeably strong as he has no problem in going through the motion of kicking the ball and running. Also we subject to a tackle the players knee joint is strong enough to take impact without serious joint injury. To keep his knee joint strong he needs to make sure he isn’t over working it, guaranteeing a decent rest and recovery period after exercise. And also exercise at the patella will increase his joints durability. Lastly his bones seem in good condition. We can see this from his overall strength when being tackled. He is noticeably strong when tackled and his bones seem strong enough to be able to take impact without serious injury. His fibula...
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