Epidemiology and People

Topics: Epidemiology, Infectious disease, Cancer Pages: 10 (3435 words) Published: April 24, 2011
Importance and Impacts of Epidemiology
on Medical Science and Community

Apart from explaining the importance of epidemiology in our society and in communities today, this paper would also include how it has evolved and improved during the past years. This research would be in detail with a couple of doctors, epidemiologists, and scientists, who have left a mark on history and have made such big contributions. Epidemiology, for example, in the field of medicine has mainly supported much of its ideas and information. Another point we are going to ponder is the world’s top research facilities for epidemiology and how it is benefitting everyone. Discoveries lead scientists to make new discoveries and accomplishments. Discoveries are not necessarily supposed to have good impacts. In fact, some discoveries have caused people to develop bad characteristics such as being greedy, materialistic, and vain. However, looking at the big picture, the field of epidemiology has helped us in the most significant ways. Without epidemiologists, we would never know the importance of cleanliness and all of us should have been bankrupt because of the urgency of long hospital stays.

Epidemiology is Important and has an Impact on the Community and the Society

During the recent years of the sophisticated human civilization, our medical sciences have improved in many aspects. One particular aspect that will be addressed would be the study of epidemiology and all the general information related to that. What is epidemiology? It’s quite a big word with an interesting meaning. Epidemiology is the study of how infectious diseases spread among the human population. This is just one specific topic that has been narrowed. It also studies the factors of disease creation, or spreading, and many other things related to harmful pathogens (harmful substances) as well as the public health. Swine flu is one example of disease which is studied in the field of epidemiology. Information such as, where does swine flu come from and what living conditions it can withstand are important to prevent the spread of this disease. In this essay the following questions pertained to epidemiology will be addressed: how has epidemiology contributed to the field of medicine, what role does epidemiology play in the society, who were the most famous doctors and scientists that contributed to research and how has their ideas affect society today, where are the largest research facilities in the world and what advances have they made.

Epidemiology is quite favoured since it reduces the spread of deadly diseases. It informs the citizens on what type of harm it can cause them. Years back, many people have died due to the lack of knowledge about epidemiology, but as we advance forward in our civilization, we create new things to nourish the field of epidemiology such as: vaccines, antibiotics, nanotechnology and the study of the human genome. Vaccines are quite effective in our modern world. The process of the vaccine is to insert a small dose of the certain virus, or another type of pathogen, to build up defences for one’s immunity. An antibiotic is a powerful, effective medicine but under certain conditions only. Armies in the world have one type of weapon or strategy which must be used once or twice to win. The same applies to the medicine of antibiotics. Every time the “army” uses their special weapon or strategy, the opposing force will eventually learn how to fight off that line of attack and regain control. Likewise, an antibiotic becomes useless after overuse. Nanotechnology has been implementing in small branches of medical science, yet it still has to develop. One application of its applications is the nuclear checking pills which is inserted to the mouth until a small camera hits the stomach and checks for any harmful effects. The Human Genome Project has been helpful in determining what genes are harmed in the genome and how to fix these particular...
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