Epic of Gilgamesh

Topics: Moses, Ancient Egypt, Egypt Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: October 15, 2011
The passages in this chapter illustrate various ways in which humans relate to their gods. How do the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebrew people differ in this respect? In 2000 B.C.E the meaning of God has changed very little from the present meaning of God, Supreme Being, but the characteristics of God have changed drastically. Today in Christian America God is not a man with human characteristics, but an idea of pure, everlasting life. Associating this idealist image is very hard for people today to relate to their God. In 2700 B.C.E the Sumerian people have many gods and goddesses, some who control the sun and others who support love or war. The Epic of Gilgamesh describes how the gods act when the sacrifice of sugar is put out for them, “When the gods smelled the sweet savor, they gathered like flies over the sacrifice.” (5) Giving the gods human characteristics and emotions is one way the Sumerian people can relate to their gods. The Egyptian people also have god and goddesses they worship. The worship of the Nile River is what sets apart the Egyptian people. They may not be able to relate to the river, but the Egyptian people have to respect and worship the Nile River because the Nile was the only source of water and it brought fresh soil every year. The Hymn to the Nile states, “The bringer of food, rich in provisions, creator of all good, lord of majesty, sweet of fragrance.”(16) Giving the people fresh soil means grass for the cows and with that they can sacrifice the cows to the gods. The Nile helps the Egyptians in every way, every day to worship their gods. The Egyptian people believed in reciting a passage, The Egyptian Book of the Dead, to enter the afterlife. The book contains very specific actions and activities the people should not have committed during their life. Overall the book states that the gods have not been hurt or done wrong by the Egyptian people. The Book of Dead states, “I have not caused pain, I have not caused...
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