Epic of Gilgamesh

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Epic of Gilgamesh
Tablet I
Gilgamesh is a man who is part god and a ruler of Uruk. Although his people view him as a legend, they come to notice his selfish and barbaric action of sleeping with smany women. From this, they come to realize that they cannot tolerate living under his rule. By praying and asking the gods for help, Enkidu was born. Enkidu was pretty much an opposite of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh represented society and Enkidu represented Nature. When Enkidu encounter Shamhat, the sacred prostitute, he accepts change and transforms himself from beast to man. It seems that women, knowledge, and growth development are connected in a way. When Gilgamesh had dreams, his mother Ninsun would interpret his dreams saying the Enkidu was coming to help him.

Tablet VIII
Enkidu’s time was about to end and Gilgamesh recalls memories of the time they spent together. He put up a statue in Enkidu’s honor. When Enkidu dies, Gilgamesh mourns and pretty much goes crazy. It seems that Gilgamesh was really in love with Enkidu. Gilgamesh’s ambition and arrogance was probably what killed Enkidu. He tries to move on, by going on an adventure.

Tablet IX
Gilgamesh is mourning over his dead friend and begins to fear death. This indicates that he was probably becoming more like Enkidu.

Tablet X
Gilgamesh talks with Utanapishtim about his story and mission. From listening to his story, Utanapishtim asks why Gilgamesh continues to grieve. From hearing the story, it seems that Enkidu’s death changed him a lot.

Tablet XI
Gilgamesh is put to a test and attempts to stay awake for a week. Being worn out from his travels, he falls asleep in the middle of conversation. Waking up, he finds out that Utanapishtim ‘s wife has baked bread around Gilgamesh’s head each day during his sleep. The different signs of decay on each bread points out that Gilgamesh has slept for a long time. In a way, it kind of represents how you cannot change life and death. Realizing that he had...
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