Ephedrine: The Herb

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  • Published : November 29, 2002
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Living in a society where pill popping has become a very popular way to fix any problem, Ephedrine, a herb found in the Ma Haung extract, has been the quick fix of choice when it comes to one of America's biggest problem, weight loss. Although Ephedrine was used traditionally for medical purposes and as a stimulant for asthma, it has made its way into dietary supplements. When Ephedrine was first introduced to the market it was considered to be a miracle drug, seemingly to good to be true. The drug has shown to promote a substantial amount of weight loss in a short amount of time. The use of Ephedrine whether taken by a doctor's prescription, or for weight loss, has side effects that can be dangerous.

The recent deaths of three football players has led the NFL to ban ephedrine, it is banned in the Olympics as well. Regulating actions are taken due to the supplement being as potent as speed, and causing well over 80 deaths nationwide and 1400 other related incidents. Statistics show that, "within seven years Ephedrine use has caused, 32 heart attacks, 62 Arrhythmia, increased blood pressure in 91 individuals, 69 strokes, and 70 seizures" (Courtney). Those statistics alone show that using Ephedrine for any reason is very dangerous and a serious cause of health risks.

According to the American Health and Herbal Products Association, "weight loss products containing Ephedrine have brought in profits specifically of $424.9 million in 1995, and an estimated $3 billion in 1999.
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