Epekto Ng Telesrye Sa Teen Agers

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Philippine drama, notably called teleserye and/or teledrama in television is a form of melodramatic serialized fiction produced and aired in thePhilippines. It rooted from two words "tele", short for television, and "serye", a Tagalog term for series Teleseryes share some characteristics and similar roots with soap operas and telenovelas,yet teleserye has evolved into a genre with its own unique characteristics usually relfecting social realism of Filipinos. Teleserye are aired in prime-time five days a week, and replays during weekends, attract a broad audience across age and gender lines, and command the highest advertising rates. They last about three months to a year or more depending on its rating and come to a climactic close. B.HISTORY/ORIGIN OF TELESERYE

Teleserye, is now used as the generic term for most Filipino soap operas on television, although the term officially came into existence in 2000 when ABS CBN aired its first official form of teleserye, Pangako sa 'Yo. Prior to this, Filipino soap operas were called either telenovelas (and still is referred to as such) and soap operas.

Soap operas in the Philippines originated in radio, then it expanded into television in early 1960's. The first Filipino TV Soap Opera was "Hiwaga sa Bahay na Bato" in 1963 produced by ABS-CBN. Soap operas in the Philippines were usually shown during daytime. Among the most popular daytime soap operas then were, Gulong ng Palad, Flor de Luna, Mara Clara, Annaliza, Aguila and Valiente. But in 1996, soap opera programmimg was move to primetime due to the popularity gained by mexican Telenovela, Marimar, aired on RPN 9. This is the start of telenovela craze in the Philippines. Major networks ABS-CBN and GMA Network followed the trend by having foreign telenovelas in their timeslot. The GMA Network-Viva TV co-production "Villa Quintana" was the first credited local primetime daily teleserye. It had toppled the unbeatable rival show "TV Patrol" in the ratings game. Because of this, ABS CBN was troubled and in 1996, shifted the timeslot of Mara Clara from its daytime programmimg to primetime slot. Also, ABS-CBN come up with a soap similar to "Villa Quintana" entitled "Familia Zaragosa." In 2000, ABS CBN, made a milestone in Philippine Telenovelas when it introduced "Pangako sa 'Yo", which was known to be the first official teleserye, and Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay". These teleseryes set the standard of present teleserye productions in the Philippines which also became a big hit in the Philippines and likewise to other countries. Because of this, subsequent soap operas shown on television are now referred to as teleseryes. ABS CBN's biggest rival network, GMA, has also followed, producing their own term of teleseryes under the term, teledrama. Again, in Early 2004 ABS-CBN introduced a new variation of teleserye which mixes soap opera, fantasy, myth, magic and enchantment.This genre was called Fantaserye. The first official fantaserye that was shown on primetime TV was Marina. Marina undoubtfully set a benchmark forfantaseryes on television when it garnered consistent high ratings during its entire run. The ratings and audience share of the said fantaseryewere even higher than the usual more established teleseryes during primetime. In Mid 2004, GMA Network, embarked on its own term of fantaserye which are called telefantasya. GMA produced Marinara and Mulawin, the latter becoming more successful which eventually started the GMA telefantasya craze. On the other hand, ABS CBN focuses on airing teleseryes for its primetime slots although it sometimes produces fantaseryes as well. It was this year that started further variations of the teleserye genre under the terms, superserye, sineserye and cinenovela. Storylines

A popular plot of a teleserye is a love story between two different individuals, a rich guy...
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