Epekto Ng Teknolohiya Nakakabuti Nga Ba? O Nakakasama

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SUBMITTED BY: Paulino , G.T, Garcia S. and Alvarez Catherine B.

SUBMITTED TO: Mr. Marvin Sinacay

On the 8th of September Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, my hometown, celebrated 130 year anniversary since the time it was found in 1882. For these 130 years the city has changed 3 names as Vladimirovka, Toyohara and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The city has belonged to Russia, then to Japan and after all to Russia again. The city has an interesting history. Many cultures have mixed here in one multinational community. 

But my story today is about vegetable carving displays what we made for the CityDay. I asked two of my students to help with the exhibition. And they made a few crafts too.

I made a bird sitting on a pumpkin tower. I carved carnations out of beetroot using the technique learned from Mr.Chat Kunsri at the III Thai Carving Event in Tokyo.  The 3D pumpkin faces made the visitor smiling and taking photo. (Mr. Chat Kunsuri on sEptember 24 2012)

Food Carving & Garnishing Fruit and vegetable carving & Garnishing was first developed in the imperial palace of Chinese Dynasty around 800 years ago. The culinary workers in the imperial kitchen often served the royal family with sumptuously and  beautifully decorated food dishes in order to make food more attractive and appetizing. |

As the days past, food carving & garnishing is no long a decorative feast that only was served in the imperial palace. It became a traditional business feature at restaurants.|
Today, food carving & garnishing has moved to an artistic stage throughout the world. It not only can be found in the restaurants but also can be used in festive dinner parties, gathering events, home tables and all sorts of  occasions.|

Food carving & garnishing has become an international food artistry, which can be an occasion for all professional food artisans to show off their  sophisticated carving and garnishing skills. |

Artistic carving and garnishing is by no means difficult. To display beautiful decorated food dishes, all it takes is concentration as well as practice.  Although special carving tools will make the food carving quicker and  easier, one sharp-pointed knife is enough to commence to carve fruit and  vegetable.|

From root crops like carrots, radishes, yams and potatoes, along with  vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, cabbages and cucumbers to fruits like apples, pears, grapes and watermelons, which can be dedicated carved and garnished into a colourful display of flowers, animals or cartoon faces. (China Fong on 2010)|


heart and apple butterfly
I have many people visiting my blog by searching "How to make an apple butterfly". As many of you I love butterflies too. When I was a child I had a collection with bugs, moths, dragonflies and other flying creatures. We have a short summer season here on Sakhalin. The most of things from my collection were found  sleepy between window glasses and in some warm places in the balcony. 

In this video I show how to carve a butterfly pattern on an apple. It's not so difficult. You may do that with a knife only. Though some special carving tools will be in help. See this video to understand how to make an Apple Heart for Valentine Day. (Miss. Selena on January,3,2010)

Mukimono, fruit and vegetable carving art
Sajan Thapa Magar, born in April 18, 1986, received his basic education in Dharan, a city located in the eastern part of Nepal. He is a self taught artist who held a solo exhibition of his arts at Gurukul, Kathmandu from November 18 to December 7, 2010. His second exhibition, titled Mukimono (Fruits and Vegetable Carving), was showcased at Gurukul, Kathmandu in September, 2011. Mr. Thapa Magar works as a theatre actor at Gurukul, one of the leading theatre companies in Nepal. He has performed in numerous plays and is well appreciated by the theatre critics in Nepal. Besides acting he also...
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