Epekto Ng Kompyuter

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Instant messaging Pages: 3 (618 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Top of Form Survey of Computer and Internet UseThis questionnaire is part of a study of computer and Internet use. Your participation in this study is voluntary, and your answers will form part of a statistical study and will not identify you as an individual.Please first answer these background questions, then complete the rest of the survey. Sex:  Male  Female Age:  yearsWhich of the following best describes your educational level? None   Some elementary school

 Some secondary school
 Some university
 Advanced degree In what country were you born?| |
In what country do you presently reside?| |
What is your religion?| |
In which of the following settings have you ever made use of a computer connected to the Internet? (check all that apply) cybercafe or other setting open to the public  library
 at home
 at a friend's home
 at school or workIn which of the following settings do you most frequently use a computer to access the Internet? cybercafe or other setting open to the public  library 
 at home
 at a friend's home
 at school or workHow often do you access the Internet? Once a month or less  Once a week
 Several times a week
 Every day
 Several times a dayHow many hours per week do you spend online? When you access the Internet, which of the following do you usually do? (check all that apply) use the World Wide Web for your own entertainment  use the World Wide Web for your school or work purposes

 send or receive email
 use IRC or chat rooms
 use AOL/Instant Messenger, Microsoft NetMeeting, or other one to one conversation  play computer games
 write on a word processor
 download music or video
 use other computer applications 
What other application do you most commonly use? Do you have certain Web sites that you visit regularly? Yes  NoIf yes, please list some of your most popular Web sites (with addresses, if you know them). What sorts of Web sites have you visited in the...
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