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  • Published: March 3, 2013
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Systems of Orchard Planting and
Planting Designs

Booklet No. 10

Orchard Management: OMS - 1


I. Introduction
II. Systems of Planting
III.Laying out for Planting Trees
IV.Calculation of Number of Trees
V.Exercise on the Estimation of Number of Trees


Different designs can be followed for planting fruit trees in a given area. Such designs are explained in this booklet in a simple and lucid style.

Practically all the sections in this book require careful study. However , the reader should try to differentiate between the systems with care before he can lay out on the field. Calculation of the number of saplings of the selected fruit trees is made further clear through an exercise and a ready recknoner.

Dr. K. T. Chandy, Agricultural & Environmental Education

I. Introduction
Layout of an orchard is very important. Layout means fixing the position of trees, roads, buildings, etc. in an orchard being planned. There are various systems of layout in an orchard. Systems of layout refer to the design of planting the trees. It is desirable to have the trees planted in a systematic way because: (1) orchard operations like intercultural and irrigation are carried out easily; (2) it makes possible the distribution of areas equally for each tree; (3) it results in maximum utilization of an area according to different kinds of trees; and (4) it makes supervision more easy and effective.

II. Systems of Planting
There are five systems of planting of fruit trees. In all these systems, trees are planted in rows. The distance between row to row and plant to plant varies with the system, type of fruit trees and their varieties. Tress with bigger canopy require greater distance between them and vice versa.

A. Square system
In square system the trees are planted in four corners of a square keeping the same distance between row to row and plant to...
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