ePayments and eCommerce: Assignment

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  • Published : October 25, 2012
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Part A: Short-Answer Questions (50 marks total)
Your answer to each question should be one or two paragraphs long. Each question is worth a total of five marks. 1. What types of e-payment systems should B2C merchants support?

many customers are still very afraid to purchase online because of the security issues that's why it's very good to have more than one payment method, payment methods include E-cheques, credit cards, Gift cards, and the best one from my point of view because it's very known for safe online shopping is PayPal.

2. Describe the major issues in fraudulent orders perpetrated against online merchants. What measures and solutions should be implemented to combat these issues? the major issues in fraudulent orders against online merchants are if they should accept transactions or not because there is always possibilities of rejecting valid orders and that results in loss, some measures that help against these issues are address verification systems, manual review, fraud screens and automated decision models, cards verification number, and negative files.

3. What are digital certificates? What role do they play in ensuring secure communications? digital certificates are the electronic equivalent of personal signatures that cannot be forged. it validates the sender and time stamp of a transaction so it cannot be later claimed that the transaction was unauthorized or invalid.

4. What is PKI? Why is it important in e-commerce?
the public key infrastructure (PKI) is a scheme for securing e-payments using public key encryption and various technical components. it is important to e-commerce because it is a verification key between the customer and the vendor.

5. What is intellectual property? Why is the copyright of materials on the Internet an important issue? intellectual property is a creation of the mind, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, and symbols, names, images, and designs, used in commerce. copyright of materials on the internet is a very important issue because it's very hard to control, and customer end up copying movies or music instead of buying them.

6. What factors and trends will help e-commerce succeed in the future? e-commerce will succeed in the future because it makes shopping so much easier by being available anytime and anywhere, it is also cheaper than retail stores because they cut the cost of running a traditional store so they make the products cheaper. younger generations are always busy and too lazy to go to malls and shopping centers that's why they choose to shop online since they can do it thru everything even thru their mobile devices. in time safety concerns of online shopping are decreasing and people are feeling more safe to shop online, so in the future people will have no worries in purchasing online which will make e-commerce even more successful.

7. Why is jurisdiction considered a major legal issue and challenge in e-commerce? Support your answer with examples. jurisdiction is a major legal issue because it is so hard to determine where ever the actual crime took place, even if you find the place the crime took place in how would you put out the law for them? would you fallow the law of the country the customer is in or the vendor? even after you put out the law, how will you be able to enforce it? example of this is a customer purchasing a product that's sold in china, and when the customer receives the item they notice that it was not what they said and its false advertised, how will the law punish them? with the Canadian law or china's law? and how will you enforce it?

8. Identify the major technical challenges companies face when choosing to pursue an m-commerce strategy the major challenge is that mobile devices are always changing and its hard to keep up with the technology , software's, and hardware's. another challenge is the limited reception, and security issues. they also limit consumer attraction...
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