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Topics: Bomb disposal, Improvised explosive device, Explosive weapons Pages: 180 (41729 words) Published: March 8, 2013
(DISTRIBUTION RESTRICTION: Distribution authorized to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors only because this publication contains technical and operational information. This determination was made on 22 March 2006. Other requests will be referred to CASCOM, ATTN: EOD Training Writer/Developer, 401 1st St Suite 225, Ft Lee. VA 23801-1511.


This Supercedes STP 9-55D14-SM-TG dated June 2002.

No. STP-9-89D14-SM-TGWashington, DC, 06 Mar 2007



SOLDIER'S Manual/Trainer's Guide, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Skill Levels 1-4

Skill Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4

Table of ContentsTABLE OF CONTENTS

Table of Contentsi
Chapter 1. Introduction1-1
Chapter 2. Training Guide2-1
2-1. General2-1
2-2. Subject Area Codes2-3
2-3. Duty Position Training Requirements2-4
2-4. Critical Tasks List2-5
Chapter 3. MOS/Skill Level Tasks3-1
Skill Level 1
Subject Area 1: Ordnance Identification
093-89D-1100 Perform Reconnaissance on Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)3-1 093-89D-1101 Identify Guided Missiles3-3
093-89D-1102 Identify Bombs and Bomb Fuzes3-5
093-89D-1103 Identify Projectiles and Projectile Fuzes3-7
093-89D-1104 Identify Grenades and Grenade Fuzes3-9
093-89D-1105 Identify Rockets and Rocket Fuzes3-11
093-89D-1106 Identify Land Mines and Associated Components3-13 093-89D-1107 Identify Pyrotechnics3-15
093-89D-1110 Identify US Military Explosives and Demolition Materials3-17 093-89D-1116 Identify Booby Traps and Associated Components3-18 093-89D-1117 Identify Aircraft Explosive Hazards3-19

093-89D-1118 Identify Underwater Ordnance3-20
Subject Area 2: Disposal Procedures and Techniques
093-89D-1146 Employ Incendiary Hand Grenade for Remote Initiation3-21 093-89D-1181 Prepare Non-electric Firing Systems3-22
093-89D-1182 Prepare Electric Firing Systems3-23
093-89D-1183 Prepare a Detonating Cord Firing System3-24
093-89D-1184 Prepare a Firing System Using Modern Demolition Initiators3-25 093-89D-1382 Dispose of Ammunition/Explosives by Burning3-26 093-89D-1383 Dispose of Ammunition/Explosives by Detonation3-28 Subject Area 3: Operate EOD Tools and Equipment

093-89D-1141 Employ the MK2 MOD1 (.50 Cal Dearmer)3-30
093-89D-1142 Employ the MK1 MOD 3 (Remote Wrench)3-31
093-89D-1147 Employ Standoff IED Disrupter3-32
093-89D-1149 Employ EOD Bomb Suit3-33
093-89D-1152 Employ Unmanned Vehicles3-35
093-89D-1153 Troubleshoot Unmanned Vehicles3-36
093-89D-1189 Employ Remote Firing Device3-37
093-89D-1221 Employ Mine Detecting Set3-38
093-89D-1361 Perform Monitoring for Radiological Contamination3-40 093-89D-1401 Employ ECM Equipment3-41
093-89D-1477 Employ Radiographic (X-ray) Equipment3-42
093-89D-1600 Employ Precision Weapons for SMUD Operations3-44 Subject Area 4: Basic EOD Procedures
093-89D-1099 Employ the Automated Explosive Ordnance Disposal Publications Set (AEODPS)3-45 093-89D-1139 Perform External Fuze Gagging Procedures3-46
093-89D-1150 Identify Basic Electrical Circuits and Components3-47 093-89D-1223 Recover Buried Ordnance (UXO)3-48
093-89D-1227 Transport Class V Material3-50
093-89D-1228 Store Class V Material3-51
093-89D-1229 Transport Hazardous Materials3-52
093-89D-1264 Search Suspect Vehicle for Improvised Explosive Device (IED)3-53 093-89D-1480 Interpret Radiographs (X-rays)3-54
Subject Area 5: CBRN Incident Operations
093-89D-1309 Conduct Emergency Personnel Decontamination Station (EPDS) Operations3-55 093-89D-1313 Perform Leak Seal and Packaging Procedures on Chemical Munitions/Containers3-57 093-89D-1318 Perform Monitoring for Chemical/Biological Contamination3-58 093-89D-1320 Calculate Initial Downwind Toxic Chemical Vapor Hazard3-59 093-89D-1321 Dispose of Chemical Agents/Munitions3-61

093-89D-1322 Dispose of Biological (Toxins)...
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