Environmrntal Science

Topics: Economics, Environmentalism, Environment Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Environment vs. Economy
Carmelynn Sirois
Herzing University
SC 370-8B Environmental Science
9 March 2013

The environment needs to be protected just as much as the economy. The economy needs to be up so we have jobs and we can live a decent life. The environment needs to stay in good shape so we have something nice to look at and the animals have a place to live and breed. The environment and economy go hand in hand. Both are needed on a daily basis.

“Advantages associated with proposed changes and intensification of Land Use include greater short-term economic productivity, improved jobs/housing ratio, increased employment base and increased tax and related revenues for the area. Increases in revenue and community convenience generated as a result of implementation of the Draft Framework Plan will, however, be offset by the expenditures necessary to provide the supporting services and related resources to selected infrastructure improvements that, once built and financed, would serve the area. Disadvantages normally associated with this short-term productivity include: * Incremental increase in demand for electricity, water, natural gas (not necessarily in short supply), telecommunications, police, fire, schools, recreation, and other services; * Increased requirements to dispose and treat solid waste and wastewater; * Increased traffic generation;

* Increased ambient noise levels; and
* Decreased in ambient air quality.
Some of these short-term disadvantages are also projected for long-term impacts (Short-Term Use vs. Maintenance of Long-Term Productivity).
Taking a public opinion poll, the public has demonstrated their willingness to “tradeoff” economic growth for environmental protection. Without the environment there would be no trees to cut down for firewood, power poles, paper, etc. In that retrospect, the economy would also go down because there are associated with all of that (Hand, C., M. & Macheski, G. 2003).

To drill or...
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