Environmentalism vs. Industrialism

Topics: Biodiversity, Pollution, Plant Pages: 8 (1259 words) Published: December 4, 2012
November 14, 2012

Environmentalism Vs. Industrialism

We could lose half the species of plants and animals that live on earth today

by the end of this century at the rate we’re going. The existence of mankind is

often at odds with the survival of other life forms on our planet. In the past, the

extinction rate of these living things were at one species extinction for every one

million species a year and the creation rate of new species was about the same.

But today, the rate of extinction has multiplied one thousand times higher then

the rate of development of new specie due to flaws in human practices. We're

cutting corners in our methods of life to industrializing our planet faster, but at the

cost of our lives. These practices have harmed and even destroyed the earths

environment, which has led to the endangerment and extinction of thousands

upon thousands of species of plants and animals, which is fundamentally our

most valuable resources. Therefore, it is important that we stop cutting these

corners and make logical solutions to protect the earth’s environment from

deadly pollutants, the deforestation that's taking valuable species homes, and the

overflowing of landfills that’s stealing from our time and money. We’re paying out

of pocket to faster more efficient ways of life, even though these methods get us

our right here right now answers, its killing off our extremely vital resources.

I believe if our world continues with these wasteful destructive habits it will

cause a catastrophic disaster to not only our ecosystems but our world and our

lives as a whole, if it hasn‘t started already. I think this massively takes place

with the amount of pollution we have placed in our environment with things like

acid rain formation. This causes acidification of lakes and streams taking it's toll

on the wildlife by killing the fish we eat like Trout and Bass. It contributes to

the damage of trees, the accelerated decay of building materials. We use

manufacturing plants to mass distribute materials all over the world, like say

building materials. The population buys the materials and builds cities buildings

and to establish power plants just to have things like acid rain pollutants decay

the buildings exterior. This damage then forces us to buy new materials from the

manufacturer who’s plant gives off the chemicals that contributes to the acid rain

that made it necessary for the population to continuously need to repair their

buildings in the first place, Ironic, but true. This is just one of many pollutants in

our world caused by humans that in return end up cutting us off at the knees,

another is smog. A type of large scale outdoor pollution caused by chemicals

primarily found in automobile exhaust and industrial emissions that burns out our

ozone layer that protects us from the sun, poisons the lungs of people, and

negatively effects other plants and animals. I think if we expressed ways to

prevent this pollution and utilize our natural resources while replenishing and

caring for these resources rather then over consuming and obliterating them we

could cut the cost of living and promote the health of our world. The utilization of

solar power is far under used being that having a stable form of resources is

immensely important for our future generations and for us. We need to sustain

toxin and pollution free means of energy and for this so called efficient

industrialization process. Pollution kills plants and animals, more importantly it's

killing us. Cole mining is threatening the water quality degrading it with toxins,

but most electronics wont operate without it. The population demands and in

almost no regards the industries supply at what seems like any cost. We defend

these methods with reasons of efficiency, saying...
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