Environmental Water Crisis

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Bianca Rozenblad|
The Human Connected Water Crisis|
Energy & the environment Action Plan|


Bianca Rozenblad
Dr. Schroth
Environmental Action Plan: World Water Crisis
12 April 2012
“I am thirsty” I said last night while I was sleeping. So because I was thirsty I walked two steps to my fridge and got some water out of my water filtered pitcher. Then poured some water into a cup, drank it and fell back to sleep. I did with little effort. Sadly I took that one cup of watered for granted; many people everywhere take water for granted. But, every day this valuable resource is quickly dwindling every decade. According to Global Issues.org, “Some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation.” This is a very serious issue. In a world filled with water one would think everyone should be able to get water. But this sadly is not our reality. The reality is our world is suffering a loss of water, this is a bigger issue in poorer countries, but it is slowly making its way into richer countries as well. The lack of water is causing agricultural problems, social problems and environmental problems. The world water crisis is important because it is ultimately killing all people over the world. The sooner we don’t fix it, the longer humanity will suffer, from the lack of one of our most valuable resources. First Chapter: The Worlds Fight for Water

How could the world ever run out of water? Many people probably ask this question. And right away it’s very easy for people to feel fear, but instead of fearing we need to act and fix this problem. Not only that but countries that the crisis hasn’t hit yet, tend to just sit back, because it is not them being hurt. But that’s not the point we all live on planet Earth, and if such problems are not fixed we will all be hurting. When many people first hear about “world water crisis”, I think it’s safe to say many people see this as an issue only in poorer countries. But that is not the case; the water crisis is all over, even our country of America. Many studies “project from seven to about 30 million Americans each year develop a gastrointestinal illness, possibly from drinking contaminated water (Arizona).” When it comes down to it water is water, and when one country suffers others do too. Not only that but “Atlanta, Georgia, came within three months of running out, so it banned watering lawns, washing cars, and filling swimming pools (AlterNet).” These two issues both came up within the past decade. The water crisis is also a heavy situation in our state of Pennsylvania. According to waterdefense.org , “In Dimock, PA, the Environmental Protection Agency just released preliminary test results and confirmed what residents there have been saying for years: the water is contaminated—full of explosive methane and toxic chemicals.” All this has to do with the contamination of water, and simply put the lack of access the people of our world have to freshwater. This is a “World” problem that needs our attentions, according to water.org, “the water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through disease than any war claims through guns.” When a valuable resource like water is killing more people than war, something must be done. While many people do not know about this problem, there are many other people who have started to work out the solution. With so many people suffering from this crisis it is known that many more people will be needed to solve it. One group in particular is doing their very best to solve the crisis in Africa. This group is known as The Water Project, their motto is “When water comes… Everything changes. The Water Project makes it their purpose to supply as many African communities with water wells, because of Africa’s lack of clean water. This is one way in which one group, volunteers, and donators. This group is located in New Hampshire, and yet is...
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